Step Out Challenge – Organ Donation Week 2020

It’s organ donation week and this year we have the Step Out challenge. Nurses on average take between 7667-16,390 steps per day. The step out challenge asks Northamptonshire residents to walk 10,000+ steps daily to match the Northamptonshire nurses. Simply share your...

Lift Tower – Organ Donation Week 2020

It’s Organ Donation Week and to help raise awareness we are lighting up the lift tower Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 7:30pm. Now is the perfect time to have a conversation with your loved ones and share your donation decision. We’d love to see your view...


Thank you to Moira and her sons who ran the Northampton Parkrun this Saturday wearing our #TeamIDo running vest. "We had such a lovely morning. The Parkrun is so friendly. Was definitely not the fastest of 5K's but was great to do it as a family." "As parents we've...

Santa Pod Raceway

MASSIVE THANK YOU to Santa Pod Raceway for choosing the I DOnate Campaign as the charity for their annual auction. This was a great way to help raise awareness of the charity to a huge audience.Santa Pod Raceway auctioned off lots of memorabilia and despite bad...

Cod I Do Love A Giggle

Congratulations to all involved with this years Comedy Night. 'Cod I DO Love a Giggle' was a roaring success! We had a huge turn out. Thank you to Cheyne Walk Club for always supporting our events such a great venue. Compere Dave, support act Diane Spencer, and the...

Wiggle Hawker Hurricane Sportive

Another fitness challenge conquered by the IDOnate team. This one was tough with cold winds. Great atmosphere as always and great to ride along so many people. Departing from Turweston Aerodrome, Brackley the Wiggle Hawker Hurricane was a cracking made up of rolling...

Behind the scenes – Organ Donation Video

Over the last few months we have had the privilege of interviewing amazing people across all aspects of the Organ Donation process. Here are some behind the scenes from our upcoming video about organ donation featuring Kristina Haggar who received a double lung...

Jane’s Story

In 1999 my mum had to have a liver transplant and as a family we always knew that the anti-liver rejections tablets would cause kidney damage and ultimately she would need a kidney transplant. In April 2016 mum’s kidney function deteriorated and it was then my parents...

Marathon runner raises £4562.17 for I DOnate Organ Donation Northampton

Brian Lydon, of Lydon Contracting Ltd, completed the Dublin City Marathon on October 30th 2016 in under 4 hours. Having just turned 40, he decided to set himself a challenge all in the name of the Cancer Research UK charity. As a big supporter of the I DOnate...

I DO cycle – The Roman Challenge Bike Event

A massive well done to our bike challenge competitors for completing a gruelling 8 mile course through the tough terrain of Salcey Forest. You did us proud, sporting the I DOnate t-shirts and headbands, helping to raise awareness. Great work team!

Heart of a champion: The inspiring story of golfer Eric Compton

As the 2015 Masters begins we are reminded of the most amazing journey and inspiring story of Erik Compton.

Erik holds the distinction as being the only professional golfer in the world to compete with a transplanted heart. In 1992, Erik received his first heart transplant at the age of 12 and was forced to give up all contact sports.  Diagnosed at age 9 with viral cardiomyopathy, an inflammation of the heart that restricts its ability to pump blood, Erik Compton endured his first transplant surgery at 12, a gift from a young girl killed by a drunk driver.

Compton was in his car in 2007 when that heart finally gave out, causing pain so intense that he called family members to tell them he was dying.  Somehow the golfer drove himself to a hospital before collapsing. Doctors saved him with a pacemaker and defibrillator, but that was a temporary fix.

In 2008, he had his second heart transplant.  Isaac Klosterman had just died after his motorcycle was struck on a Florida highway by a hit-and-run driver in a Dodge pickup, Isaac Klosterman’s death was what really gave Erik Compton life.  Among the medical miracles were donations of Klosterman’s skin, eyes, jaw, both his kidneys and his lungs.  His heart gave life to Erik Compton.

Today, Compton is 35 realizing his Masters dream, playing at Augusta for the first time.

Whilst Compton doesn’t know if he will ever need a third heart transplant, he appreciates each and every moment that life brings.  “Every day is a gift,” he said. “All I know is that right now, I don’t have to be out there killing myself to get my tour card for next year. The reality of what I have is, I probably won’t ever have a permanent fix. But I can be very successful and have an awesome life.”